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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dance For Me: A Look into the Lives of Competitive Ballroom Dancers

Hi Guys,
Since I’m out of town this week and have finals next week, the next few posts are likely to be short and sweet, if there are posts at all. However, the guys over at Dance Comp Review alerted me that a fantastic-looking documentary focused on the lives of young competitive ballroom dancers that I thought you guys may be interested in, so I wanted to make sure to pop in and tell you guys about it. The documentary follows the progress of two promising ballroom dancers, fifteen year-old Egor and fourteen year-old Mie, as Egor moves to Denmark to train with Mie and they begin their partnership. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the write up on Dance Comp Review, or head over to the PBS page discussing the film. The film premieres on PBS July 21 at 10pm.

**Some PBS stations may have a different broadcasting schedule, so check out the PBS website to see when the documentary airs in your area. If, like me, you decide you can't wait a few days, the documentary will be available for streaming on July 22.

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