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What do you do for a living? 
I'm a currently a full-time graduate student working to earn my Master's in Psychology.

How do you find the time to blog everyday?
Put simply, I don’t. Long time readers will know I’m not the best at posting every day, or even every week. I’m trying to get better, but during exams and other busy university times I don’t always have time to write posts and you guys get neglected. Usually I try to stockpile posts during university breaks and holidays, so I can deliver them to you guys regardless of what’s happening in my personal life. I’m hoping to start producing video material soon, because not only will it be easier to produce more material, it also means I can develop a more personal relationship with my readers and teach you guys things that just don’t translate into writing.

How long have you been dancing?
I’ve been dancing for about seventeen years. I started in ballet and then moved over to ballroom as a teenager. I think the transition gave me a unique perspective, because while I had a strong dance background that helped me excel in ballroom, I also got to experience how newcomers feel when they enter the sport, which helps me know what insight to give my readers.

What made you switch from ballet to ballroom?
There were a variety of motivating factors, which I may discuss in a post at some point. While some of the motivators seemed devastating at the time, it gave me the opportunity to explore a new genre I probably wouldn't have otherwise tried.

Do you prefer ballet or ballroom?
Ballroom, all the way! I love ballet and I’ll secretly still slip on my old pointe shoes from time to time, but ballroom made me into the person I am today and for that I am forever grateful. I love the amount of personality that you can put into ballroom, so that each couple has a very unique style, and that’s not really an option with classical ballet.

Are your posts sponsored? Do you get paid for posts?
To date, I have never done a sponsored post and I don’t get paid to do posts. Occasionally, companies will send me items for consideration, but I reserve the right not to review the item and/or to post a negative review. If I receive an item I don’t like I usually just don’t talk about it unless one of you directly asks my opinion. If I ever do sponsored posts in the future that information will be included in the post itself, but I would never post a positive review of something I didn’t like just because a company is paying me.

Why did you start Ballroom Bitch?
When I transitioned from ballet to ballroom, I didn’t have any friends in the studio to share tips and tricks with me. It was pretty clear that I was competition and they weren’t going to do anything to give me a leg up. When I looked online for answers and advice there wasn’t really a venue for Dancesport competitors to share their experiences and knowledge, so after becoming well-acquainted with the sport I decided to create that venue myself. I wanted to help newbies to the sport get off on the right foot and not have to learn everything the hard way like I did.

Why are you anonymous?
Because bitches be bitches. Seriously though, I keep my name on the DL for plausible deniability. I’m not sure that every studio is like this, but I think most people can relate. There is more bitchiness and drama in the studio than in high school. I can only imagine the fallout if the women at my studio found my blog… especially since I do, on occasion, talk shit about them here :)

Is that really you in the photo?
Yep, that's really me. You would be SHOCKED at how many times I actually get asked this question. So yeah, that's me. I just keep my face covered because, you know, bitches be bitches.

Do you have press contact?
Basically I’m not cool enough yet to get tons of press, so I don’t have special press-only contact information. Press/companies can contact me at - further info can be provided upon request.

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